Alcohol Control Zone

The Alcohol Consumption in Designated Public Places for the area of Central Bedfordshire Order (No 1) 2010 came into force in Arlesey on 23 May 2010. A copy of the designated public places in Arlesey is available for inspection at the Town Council Office.

The effect of such an Order is that the police have the power to require a person, in such a public place, not to drink alcohol in that place where the officer reasonably believes the person is, has or intends to do so, and to surrender any alcohol or alcohol containers in the person’s possession.

Failure to comply with an officer’s requirement in respect of public drinking or surrender of alcohol, without reasonable excuse, will result in the issuing of a fixed penalty notice. If the person still refuses to comply, they may be arrested and prosecuted.

An Alcohol Controlled Zone is not intended to eradicate all street drinking, but is a useful resource for Officers to use, to assist them to meet the demands of the Community.