Becoming a Central Bedfordshire Councillor

Could you be the voice of your community?

If you’ve ever thought that you would like to represent the interests of your local community and help shape decisions on the services where you live or work, then becoming a Central Bedfordshire councillor is a great way to make a difference.

Perhaps you think that ‘you’re not councillor material’ as you don’t belong to a political party or you don’t see yourself as a ‘stereotypical’ councillor. Central Bedfordshire Council wants its residents to be well represented and believes that it is important that councillors reflect the communities they serve and bring a broad range of skills and life experience.

You can find out more at

To help people to decide if entering the political arena is for them, a new booklet has been produced which, amongst other things, explains in detail who is eligible to stand, the role of a councillor and what are the steps needed to become a candidate.  This is available either as a pdf document or you can request a hard copy  emailing

Attend our event for prospective candidates on 14 January 2019

We have arranged an informal event as we recognise there’s value in talking to councillors face-to-face to find out what’s actually involved, in terms of the time and level of commitment that it takes to be an effective councillor. Potential candidates can come along to Priory House at 6pm on 14 January to hear first-hand from councillors, to ask questions and seek advice which should help them to decide if they want to represent their community.

Potential candidates can register their interest in attending the event or receiving further information at



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