Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust Bobby Scheme

Providing courtesy home security service for elderly and vulnerable victims of crime in Bedfordshire.

The Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust was launched in 1997 and is supported and funded by business in the county becoming partners.

The aim of the partnership is to support a whole range of community initiatives dealing with such issues as crime prevention, road safety or generally improving fear of crime issues.

The aims of the Bobby Scheme are to help elderly or vulnerable victims of crime by giving advice, support and practical help in improving their home security. Also by identifying vulnerable groups who may become victims.

How does it work?

The Bobby men; Roger Tuck, Graham Smith, Grant McKelvie and Ken Miller are trained carpenters, lock fitters and crime prevention advisers. They will respond to a victim within days of the crime, following a referral from the police or other local agencies such as Victim Support.

They assess each case individually and fit whatever security devices are necessary to ensure that the property is secure. They are able to spend time explaining the procedures, all the time being receptive to the victims’ concerns.

There is no charge at all for this service.

The Bobby men are dressed in Partnership uniform in order to offer reassurance to the victims and all carry identity cards.

The Bobby Scheme provides a free service to elderly or vulnerable victims of crime on low incomes. No charges are made for the work carried out by the Bobby Scheme. Peace of mind for older people knowing that help is at hand to make their homes secure against the possibility of a second and further break-ins is of immeasurable value.

“I am delighted that the Partnership has been able to launch the Bobby Scheme and I am certain that it offers a tremendous additional service for vulnerable people in the county” – Paul Hancock, Chief Constable and Chairman of the Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust.

If you know a vulnerable person who would benefit from the services of the Bobby men, please contact;

For Bedfordshire and Luton:- Janet Heinsen – 01234 842619

Or the Trust Administrator: Geoff Comb – 01234 842612

How is it Funded?

The Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust is a registered charity supported by business in the county joining as partners for an annual fee of £250. The Bobby Scheme has been launched with the help of a grant from the National Lottery. However it is hoped that through further corporate and individual donations from members of the public to maintain this scheme for the long term benefit of the people of Bedfordshire.

The Scheme costs approximately £120,000 a year to run. If you would like to make a donation or require further information about becoming a partner in the Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust, please contact:

Geoff Comb – Trust Administrator
Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust
Police Headquarters
Woburn Road
Bedford MK43 9AX