CBC Draft Local Plan proposes more houses for Arlesey

Central Bedfordshire Council has published a draft Local Plan to guide development in the area over the next 20 years.

The draft proposes to meet future housing needs by building between 20,000 and 30,000 homes in the region by 2036 in addition to the 23,000 homes that are already planned.  There are also plans to create up to 30,000 new jobs in the area along with a number of key infrastructure developments.

From a local point of view, the draft includes proposals to build a further 2,000 homes to the east of Arlesey, in addition to the 1,400 that are planned to be built as part of the Arlesey Cross development.  While the proposals are not particularly detailed at this stage, the new development would see a new road built from the Arlesey Cross East development down to Hitchin Road south of the football club.  There is also a proposal for a new country park to be developed to include the Green and Blue Lagoons.

Slightly further afield, the plans for the RAF Henlow site are for a mixed-use development to include both housing and employment.

As this is a draft plan that is very much in the early stages, not all of the proposals will be brought forward to the next stage.  It is, therefore, important that individuals make their views known to CBC directly whether they be in support or against elements of the draft plan.

The draft is open for consultation until 29th August and ATC urges all residents to comment on the plan by visiting the CBC website at the link below.


The plan document itself can be found at the following link:


The detail of the proposals for Arlesey can be found on page 96 of the document.

Arlesey Town Council is currently preparing its own representations to the Draft Local Plan which will be debated at an Extraordinary Meeting of the Town Council on Tuesday 15th August starting at 7pm.

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