Annual Town Meeting Report 2018-2019- Published April 2019

Adopted Policies:

The following documents are periodically reviewed  to ensure they continue to meet the needs of Arlesey Town Council.

Code of Conduct-adopted 30th July 2019

Code of Conduct  – Schedule 1-adopted 21/05/19

Standing Orders – Amended/Adopted 19th March 2019

Financial Regulations – Adopted – 19/03/2019

Investment Policy 2018/19  – Adopted – 19/03/2019

Arlesey Town Council Complaints Procedure – Adopted 17/10/2017

Arlesey Town Council Mission Statement

Arlesey Town Council Strategy

Arlesey Town Council Community Engagement Strategy Appendix A

Finance and GP Committee terms of reference – May 2019

Arlesey Town Council Press and Media Policy Appendix B

Public Lands and Highways Committee terms of reference May 2019

Public Relations Committee terms of reference May 2019

Historical Archive Sub Committee terms of reference May 2019

DATA Protection Policy May 2019

General Privacy Notice – May 2018


Grant Policy and Procedure – December 2019

Financial Assistance Form 2019-2020

Social Media Policy – Adopted 31st July 2019

Councillor Co-Option Policy – Adopted 16/02/2016

Being a good employer – A guide for parish and town councillors  – Adopted 2018

Health and Safety Policy – Adopted 18/08/2015

Equal Opportunities Statement – Adopted 20/12/2016

Arlesey Town Council Health Capabilty Procedure – Adopted 17/01/2017

Guidance Documents:

Arlesey Town Council takes guidance from various governmental and advisory organisations.   The following guidance documents are relied upon by our staff and members to provide a high level of accountability, openness and transparency in our ongoing service to Arlesey residents.

DCLG Openness and transparency on personal interests – September 2013

DCLG Open and accountable local government – August 2014

Annex B – Descriptions of Exempt Information – August 2014

Governance & Accountability for Smaller Local Councils: A Practitioners Guide – March 2019.