Problem on the Road? Mobile App

Potholes, overgrown trees, faulty street lights and other problems on the roads and pavements of Central Bedfordshire can now be reported via a new mobile app.

How to download the app.

This app can be downloaded for free for IOS or android mobile phones and the iPad.

Search Central Beds on Google Play or itunes app store and follow the instructions.  This is not currently available for iPad mini or Android tablets.

How to use the app

Follow these steps to report problems like potholes,overgrown trees, or faulty street lights.

1. download the app for free

2. launch the app when you see a fault/problem

3. create a new report by selecting the pencil icon at the top right of     the screen

4. choose the relevant category

5. add a photo to allow the exact nature of problem to be identified

6. select the address

7. provide any additional info about the location or problem so that it can be correctly identified

8. provide your details (optional)

9. click “submit” to send details to be resolved

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