Sustainable Communities Bill Campaign

This is a proposed piece of legislation which would empower local people to improve their local communities. The Campaign is cross-party and is gradually building up the support that is needed to see the Bill become law.

The Bill aims to "turn the world of politics upside down". It would enable principal authorities to reverse the process of what is being called Ghost Town Britain - a reference to the fact that over the last decade Britain has lost a fifth of its post office network, a quarter of its independent grocery store network and a third of its bank branch network, as well as thousands of other local shops, independent pubs and local services and facilities. This situation destroys local commerce, damages the environment (through increased traffic and congestion) and causes social exclusion and reduced active citizenship.

The Bill would be great news for parish and community councils as it would mean more powers to do what they have wanted for years, without the endless duties and one-size-fits-all strategies.

Local Works already has support from over 60 national organisations, 237 MPs who have signed supportive motions in Parliament and some 6,000 individual supporters. Support from councils at all levels is needed too, and parish and town councils are encouraged to pass resolutions supporting the campaign.