Waste collection changes in the north of Central Bedfordshire

Residents in the north of Central Bedfordshire will have their recycling and green waste collected separately from Monday, 28 May, as part of plans to harmonise waste collections across the area. Current ‘split back‘ recycling vehicles that collect both recycling and green waste together in the same vehicle are being replaced with new vehicles that collect the waste separately.

The wheeled bins and bags residents currently use for their collections will remain the same. The day of collection is not affected, but some vehicles may change route and, as a result, collection times may vary from those which residents are used to.

Cllr Budge Wells, Deputy Executive member for Sustainable Communities at Central Bedfordshire Council said: “The current ‘split back’ vehicles were due to be renewed by the collection contractor and we have taken this opportunity to start to harmonise collections across Central Bedfordshire. The new vehicles are more adaptable to seasonal changes in volumes of waste and will be fit for purpose when the new Bedfordshire Energy and Recycling (BEaR) Project for waste treatment solution commences.

“We would like to reassure residents that the quality of the current waste kerbside collection service will be maintained, however residents should be aware that separate vehicles will now be collecting their recycling and green waste and that the collection time, but not the day, may change.”

Residents’ bins and bags should still be placed out by 7am on the usual day of collection and taken back in as soon as possible after collection.

For more information about waste and recycling please visit Central Bedfordshire Council’s website: www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/recycling

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